Revesby Rovers Soccer Football Club is an established and well respected club that has been a proud part of the Revesby community since 1950. Focusing on the Four F’s, being Football, Family, Friendly and Fun, our aim is to provide our members with an opportunity to learn and play the most loved sport in the world, in a welcoming, safe and friendly environment and have fun doing it.

 Situated at Amour Park on Iluka Street, Revesby, we are neighbouring the Revesby Leisure Centre (Revesby Pools), BCF Futsal courts and Revesby Skate Park, giving our members a unique experience not found at any other club in the Bankstown district.

 In 2015, we had over 300 players. Teams ranged from Grade 6 through to Grade 12 (including an all girls G8 and 12's team), a Premier League squad, 2 over 35s teams, All Age Ladies and a number of All Age Men teams, and are aiming to continue to grow in the future. Our ambition is to see our members reach their full potential and hopefully one day represent Australia, like our most famous past member Robbie Slater.

 In line with the values of our club we provide all our members with an opportunity to:

 - develop football skills,

- work in a team,

- build self confidence,

- build maturity,

- learn about responsibility,

- learn about leadership,

- keep fitness and health levels up, and

- make lifelong friends.

 So please come and join our club and be part of this great sporting family.

 For more information, please email us at president@revesbyrovers.com.au

 Kind regards

 Sean Russell

Major Sponsor

Team Sponsors

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